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Prices for April and May have now been reduced by 10%: this is reflected in the calculated price below

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Conditions of bookingPrices quoted are in Euros: approximate conversions are given in GB pounds and US dollars for guidance only. Your booking will only be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 25% of the total cost. The deposit will be returnable only in the event of cancellation more than 8 weeks prior to expected arrival date. In the case of multiple room bookings (3 or more) a maximum of 50% of the total deposit will be returned in the event of cancellation at least 8 weeks before due arrival. Cancellations after the date 8 weeks before due arrival will receive no refund, though in exceptional circumstances we will offer to carry forward the booking deposit to another date. A minimum charge of 3 nights will apply. We do not accept payment by credit or debit cards. Italian law will apply. For a full list of conditions.

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